Managing information is a tedious task and when it is abundant in nature, then it becomes more hectic and time-consuming. Thus, managing the documents is a perfect way to find and relate to the information easily. Official papers are in several forms like written notes, print out, typed letter, photocopies and more. There are also electronic versions which are being saved on the computer and it requires filing, sorted and managed. Thus, availing document management services from us can ease the burden and help you focus on your business well.

Document Management

Custom Document Management Solutions

Advantages of our online document management services

Taking official paper management service from us, a professional Indian outsourcing company is advantageous as it helps your employees and other staff members to get the right information at the right time. It makes things convenient and easy to access. A lot of companies spend a high amount for managing the data and outsourcing document management services to India is definitely a profitable idea.

Outsourcing to us will help you reduce the cost and enhance the productivity of employees as less time will be spent on locating the documentation and files can be retrieved in a simpler manner. We have an experienced team which converts the data and store the information in the CD, DVD and other formats for you to locate it easily.

You can request to have official papers in any format and our team manage them all in specific folders for systematic access. It reduces the search time of the employees which paves way for faster work.

We manage all the data in the compatible formats and keep on updating them on the requirement. This management is an on-going process since many of them can be added and existing ones deleted as per need. Our team automatically detects recent data details and keeps on arranging them in specific folders to ensure ideal management.

Few of our electronic document management solutions include

  • Storing, indexing, retrieving documents
  • Keying from paper to various database formats
  • Conversion of microfilm to digitized documents
  • Managing engineering DMS
  • Documents Annotation
  • End to end scanning and OCR services for critical data
  • Data Capturing

Why PGBS is preferred choice among the top document management companies?

The advantage with us is, we will create a systematic procedure of business plan for finding the data and compile it using advanced ways. Our team runs a strict quality check so there are hardly any chances of errors with our services. We provide services with improved security measures to keep control over the sensitive documents. With the use of DMS, one is able to check who is viewing the information and if any modification is made or not.

We have been successfully supporting small businesses, law firms, healthcare, financial institutions and more.

There will be no question of lost files with our data processing services. The backup of documents, storage and recovery will also be structured. For high quality document management services contact our team today!

Our experts capture, manage, protect and deliver content by following and integrated and eruditely formulated approach. Planning to outsource document management services in India? Let the right people help you.