Nowadays, being virtual is the new normal! Agree?

Technological development has changed the way we do everything. Watching movies, listening to songs, booking tickets, ordering food, reading, and many more activities are done online.

Reading is one such important activity that comes to our mind while thinking of the electronic revolution. That’s why eBooks have been introduced for the convenience of the readers.

An eBook is a book composed or converted into a digital eBook formats to get displayed on a handheld device or a computer screen. People are reading more eBooks than before. This is because they are cost-effective and more portable.

Different eBook layouts

Authors can reach their widest possible audience with eBooks. Here are the different layouts to choose from while creating an eBook.

  • Fixed layout

    This layout is also known as the pre-paginated layout, and it acts as a digital lock on image and text placement.

  • Reflowable layout

    This layout helps in providing responsive images and text and enhances the look and page positioning.

  • Interactive Layout

    This layout helps incorporate audio, footnotes, animations, etc., and helps in making your eBook more interesting for your readers.

Why are eBooks important?

Well, when we all are very much reliant on ebooks compared to traditional books, how do we indulge in the significance of it. Let us see some of the major benefits of relying on eBooks

  • Save money as you no longer need to bother about shipping costs.
  • Save a lot of space with access to ebooks with just a click.
  • Download your ebook anytime, anywhere, and access it.
  • Being portable and convenient, eBooks give you a library at your fingertips.
  • You can carry your favorite books on your lightweight eBook-supporting device.
  • Finding a section in your eBook is easy. Search the keywords instead of flipping through the pages.
  • You can easily customize the fonts according to your requirement.

8 Popular eBook file formats

While searching for electronic book formats, you will come across a wide range of options. Using these many formats of eBooks will not be possible for anyone, so keeping it simple, we will look at these super-easy formats. Based on the ability to be used in a format and the ease of use, here are a few ebooks supported formats.

  • Text document

    It is one of the popular digital ebook file formats that can be read by almost any device. However, images and graphs are not supported since it is used strictly for text. It is generally utilized to store information without formatting beyond basic fonts and styles.

    Almost any device can read text documents, making them versatile across different operating systems. They can be accessed on various apps on Android, iOS, and other documents.

  • MOBI

    MOBI is the proprietary eBook format of Amazon. It is the best ebook format for Kindle.

    It is a portable and useful file format that can be read on any Kindle device, including Windows, Android, Mac, etc. MOBI is not an open standard and is not publicly available.

  • Hypertext mark-up language (.html)

    The most popular digital eBook format readers are most familiar with. Here, the users can freely and easily access content via browsers and incorporate multimedia, including pictures and videos.

  • Product representation Compact (PRC)

    Goes hand in hand with the MOBI file extension and is the best format used by Kindle. PRC can be read by Kindle even if they do not contain DRM protection and can store Javascript information. It is a file format embedded in PDF and other similar file formats.

  • AZW (.azw), the primary format

    Amazon developed the AZW Kindle file format for its Kindle eReaders. AZW files can store all the complex content, including highlights, bookmarks, and annotations. The use of AZW files is restricted to devices with Kindle apps. These files can be accessed only from the online bookstore of Amazon.

  • PDF (.pdf)

    A portable document, also known as PDF, can be technically called a true eBook and is the most popular among users. Being created by Adobe, PDF is easy to use, and it can hold customized layouts. PDFs are not reflowable and difficult to read on a small screen.

  • EPUB (.epub)

    An electronic publication (in short- EPUB) is a DRM-protected eBook format. They have strong copy protection, and it is a format that is vendor-independent, open standard, and free to use.

    It is widely supported and can be read on different devices, including tablets, smartphones, computers, and most eReaders. Furthermore, these files are also reflowable, making them possible to be read on small devices. In addition, it supports interactive elements, color images, graphics, and more.

  • KPF (.kpf)

    All the eBooks uploaded and published through Amazon use this specific format. It’s Amazon’s format helping editors edit and format their eBooks. Kindle devices can use these KPF files, a preferred method for Amazon publishers. Helps in avoiding formatting issues.

Which electronic book format is right for you?

This article might have given you knowledge about different eBook formats. Now let’s understand which file format will best suit your publishing requirements. Choosing the right format is complicated and depends on your goals and objectives. Here are some of the fundamental factors to be considered while choosing an eBook format.

  • Take into consideration your audience preferences.
  • Invest your time and resources to understand readers and boost your marketing activities.
  • If you plan to self-publish your eBooks, you can look for an online retailer.