The basic function of any company offering catalog designing services is to provide outcomes that educate the targets about the products and persuade them to place orders. It must serve as an advertising vehicle.

Underlying tips can pave way for better works of fecund art to allure viewers more than ever before.

  1. Product photography is crucial: Exceptional quality images are mandatory if you want your catalogs to look great and to be perceived positively by the targets.  If the images lack quality, your credibility and reputation are diminished. So seeking assistance from any of the reputed photo editing company to retouch the photos is recommended.
  2. Brand identity must be maintained: Use brand colours in all your advertising materials and catalogs too are not an exception. Make sure that the colours used are consistent with absolute accuracy and coherence. This will only retain customer’s visual interest. Most of the companies indulged in offering product catalog design services maintain the anticipated level of uniformity.
  3. Complement design with content: Product images must be accompanied by its description in most professional and attractive manner through creatively penned down words. To make the whole effort maximum productive, let the final material speak about what it has to offer for the customers rather than simply showcasing product features.
  4. Design based on audience: The design and language used must be appropriate and convincing for the target audience. It is obvious that a design works well with the Western audience may fail to impress UAE prospects. Similarly, targeting seniors and kids need different approaches.
  5. Use white space and right fonts: Too much crowd pushes away the eyes of readers. There must be enough white space as well as the fonts used must be readable, simple and an ocular bliss. While staying professional, it must suit the nature of the product you are offering.
  6. Pay layout must be carried out strategically: A company offering professional catalog layout design services is well acquainted with the fact that, the product must be the main focus of any design. Therefore products must be placed in such a way that they are easily identified and it should be quickly palpable that at what amount it is being sold. Price and product must be easily noticeable.
  7. Cover design is most important: Without an attractive front cover, you can’t expect someone to open and look into the catalog. There should be proper elements of attractions capable of making people tempted to explore further. The more they are engaged more can be the conversion rates. Also, an attractive front cover creates the great first impression which means half the job is done.

PGBS, the professional company providing creative solutions and has an in-house team of highly skilled and innately creative artists, who know the optimal elements to be incorporated for assuring maximum effectiveness for any design. Designers here are made available with latest version of most sophisticated tools for assuring that every craft reaches perfection and serves its intended purpose to unrestricted extent.

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