Furniture plays a major role in our lives and has different functions. For a seller, the presentation of furniture to their customers is more important than the way it is designed. Most furniture manufacturers are relying on the process of 3D rendering to represent their products online. 3D images help give your customers a detailed view of the product, including textures, measurements, quality and a lot more.

This process is also advantageous in designing and manufacturing furniture. Creating an image depending upon the three-dimensional data stored on your computer is 3D rendering. It’s the best thing which has happened to the furniture industry due to the new advancements. A 3D design company can be the best option for getting this process within a short period. It will be a cost-effective method of creating 3D models, which will help use them for different product pages, catalogs etc.

3D visualizations are helpful in different ways as follows

  • Realistic product images can be created without the help of a photographer
  • Customers get a chance to see the furniture from all the angles, even in the eCommerce store
  • Improves interactivity
  • Helps in the faster design phase
  • No need to build a piece of furniture to showcase it to your customers
  • Helps in reducing costs
  • Improves conversion rates

If you prefer saving time and money, 3D technology will be helpful as it is flexible and versatile. It gives 100% photorealistic 3D images and showcases the product in an eye-catching way. These images are the best for marketing and promotion of the brand. Here are the few major types of 3D images which a manufacturer needs for their business.


It’s not mandatory for the manufacturers of furniture. Cut-out views showcase the seat with the layers cut open. These cutaways work as visual proof of the quality of the designs. It can be used on brochures, product pages etc.

Eye-catching and impressive three-dimensional lifestyle images

3D lifestyles images help showcase the themed furnishings. Buyers can understand more about the different proportions of the item and the interior style in which the furniture fits well. A kind of three-dimensional room helps set up an ambience that is capable of evoking emotions. That helps in selling an entire lifestyle rather than just a furniture piece.

These kinds of images are very effective in promotional catalogs. Designers have to pick up the matching interior scenes for any product type. Displaying customized products is highly possible.

Spin Views are popular

Helps in showing a complete view of the product. It is excellent promotional material if most of your sales volume comes through online channels. A complete perspective of the product can be given to your customers even before buying it.

Close-Up Views are more helpful

  • Customers prefer to get a close-up view of what they are planning to buy.
  • It will help them understand in detail all about the products and know more about the product’s quality and design.
  • A close-up photo acts as a magnifying glass through which customers can look into the object’s texture, structure, the materials used etc.
  • Consumers can also understand more about the design features, including quality fittings, other elements related to the product and other selling points.

Images with Monochrome background

Computer-generated images of any object with a plain background are useful and appreciable. These images can be used for printed and digital catalogs, listings and product pages. A white background photo of a product is kept as the main listing picture mandatory for different ecommerce platforms.

These images ensure more attraction and impact the customers’ buying decisions. Adds an edgy look to your promotional materials. Using advanced 3d design software, three-dimensional artists can relocate cameras and take as many shots as possible from different angles. It helps the manufacturers get different types of views from a single 3D model.

Hero shots are effective

  • These images help make a definitive statement and attract the attention of the maximum customers.
  • The images can be with plain backgrounds and based on a room set.
  • Hero shots are perfect for instantly drawing the attention of the viewers.
  • It also helps in creating an emotional impact on the buyers.
  • 3D artists can artistically create images by experimenting with different camera angles, contrast lighting and compositional creativity.
  • Special effects, including fire explosions, snow, water etc., can help customers get a wow experience.
  • These types of images can be perfectly used on social media, advertisements etc., where your major objective is to impress your customers at a glance.

Wrap up

3D models are used for multiple purposes across different industries. Above discussed are the different types of images which can be used on product catalogs, pages, banners, social media, and other promotional platforms. Are you in need of top-notch three-dimensional images for your furniture brand? PGBS, a 3D rendering company, can be a reliable partner for all your 3d product rendering requirements.

You might have got a brief idea of our work, and if you are interested to know more about our 3d furniture rendering services in detail, please connect with us.