With the introduction of digital photography, clicking pictures have become simple and convenient. However, this has even resulted in numerous pictures that are cluttered and unorganized. At ProGlobalBusinessSolutions, experts segregate photographs based on the occasion and convert them into creative memoirs by photo album design services.

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Wedding Album Layout Design

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Album designing services & what additional we offer?

Outsource to us and we offer incomparable album design services using advanced tools and techniques. People have many wishes when it comes to photographs. Hence, we provide customized graphic services according to the requirements of the clients. Our service is renowned across the industry for its flawlessness and creativity.

We have talented professionals who specialize in graphic designing services as well as photo post-processing services for various photographers. During this process, our team remains in constant touch with the clients so as to take on-hand feedback and make necessary changes. This reduces the time consumed and increases the efficiency of our services.

Professional wedding album design by PGBS

Weddings are the highlight of everybody’s life. We enhance this occasion by offering professional yet creative wedding album design service. Our experts begin by collecting the special photographs of the event and then retouch them if required. The album designers at PGBS arrange the pictures based on special rituals, dates, and occasions. If allowed, our team even offers an exclusive theme to every album, making them memorable for the clients.

We enhance the wedding albums with quotes and anecdotes shared by the couple and the family. Wedding albums are even designed on the occasion of the silver jubilee anniversary, first wedding anniversary and more.

We provide high-quality dedicated service that ensures first the entire process for the photo album design service is approved by the client before proceeding to work thus making the process smooth and organized, hence we have been a perfect outsourcing Indian partner for a lot of entities across the globe.

Besides the wedding, we even create albums for engagement, convocation, baby shower, birthdays and similar occasions.

We offer exceptional album design services that help you preserve your memories in a special way. The photo album designed by our professionals will become an emotional asset for you; all of which can be passed onto generation. Not even a single picture will lose the quality and its effect.

They are created according to special themes, with glossy image prints, cover design and unique emblem making it much more than just collection of memories. Some are created in the form of magazines or books, thus creating feel special factor.

The way we work

  • Step 1: The very first step we carry out is a complete review process of your varied album options. Our experts discuss with you to understand the exact preferences you have. Some may be fascinated towards traditional style while others may be inclined towards contemporary style designs with single pages having multiple images. Preferences can be there also in case of covers.
  • Step 2: After your selection in regard of book style is over, we can guide you in choosing the photos. Our album designers will assist you to make a meaningful selection in such a way that when these images are put together in the album they tell the sweetest story of your life. You will be making the final decision regarding what all photos should be there on the album but some humble expert advice from our end would make things easier for you.
  • Step 3: After the layout of an album is created, the book is designed and pages are reviewed. You can scrutinize the design and suggest changes to be done. Assuring perfection in the book that we provide for you is what ye yearn for.
  • Step 4: Album production starts after the finalization of album design by you, our work starts. In case if any wedding photo retouching has to be done, we do the same in most professional manner. If you need any additional support, we can surely help.

Though the above detailed is the general methodology we follow, based on unique requirements of different projects, the steps may fluctuate.

Services we avail under album designing

We offer every imaginable services when it comes to photo album designing. Few top most among them are:

  • Baby books creation
  • Birthday scrapbook creation
  • Catalog designing
  • Corporate photo books
  • Fashion portfolio books
  • Portrait photo books
  • Pet photo books

Take advantage of our album designing services in India to design, create and cherish uniquely themed albums that never fails to capture all the elegant emotions of your each special occasion.