India has been a preferred choice for animation directors and studio heads from across the world, and PGBS is one among their favorites. Reasons are obvious; we have a great talent pool, creative animators, and global quality infrastructure. Among many 2d animation outsourcing companies in India, we have carved out a niche for ourselves.

2d animation

Outsource 2D Animation Services

We cater to complete requirements related to animation and as we have worked on a wide variety of vector animation projects, understanding your requirements is quite easy for us. You don’t have to bear the discomfort of detailing every single aspect to us; we can sense it and impress you beyond the level of your expectations using the best 2d animation creation software programs.

Key strengths of our animation services

  • We create simple and advanced characters or cartoon designs only after proper research so as that they perfectly represent your concept.
  • Our experts take care of complete –production and post-production activities.
  • Motion sequences we create are flawless, both in case of non-realistic and realistic motion styling.
  • Complex animations such as segment zooms, exploding animations and expanded views etc. are immaculately delivered.
  • We cover every aspect and pay attention to minutest of details for assuring quality control perfectly.
  • Animations we create is interactive and interesting; they hold the capacity to engage viewers.
  • After project completion, the project is delivered in the format you prefer.

2d character animation- working methodology

  1. Understanding of initial concepts and scripts.
  2. Development of storyboard based on the script. (Read more about tips on storyboarding)
  3. Designing the layout to define actions and perspectives.
  4. Pre-visualization using animatic.
  5. Creation of keyframes for defining movements to be seen by viewers.
  6. Cleaning and coloring are done to achieve the final drawings.
  7. Creation of skeletons with a sequence of mobile bones that can animate.
  8. Various scenes are composed and edited.
  9. Voice, special effects, and music etc. are added.
  10. Finally, a 2D model is created and animation is executed.

Industries to which we serve

We serve to multifarious industries and for all your animation related requirements we definitely have the best solutions for you.

  • Marketing and PR industry: We can create awesome services and product demonstrations. Products, events and training collaterals can be crafted. We can also make creative advertisements and ad banners for your company.
  • Publishing and academic domains: We can work on to create great animated comics, online magazines, and books. Also, tutorials and promotional activities and events in schools or colleges can be bestowed a fresh life.
  • Entertainment industry: Our expertise can be leveraged for logo animation, storyboard advancements, short films and a lot more.

Exclusive advantages of hiring PGBS for professional animation services

  • Animators with us are exceptionally talented, innately creative and exceedingly qualified for creating various types of animations.
  • Our animation studio performs stringent quality checks and maintains great accuracy levels to impress viewers.
  • Use of advanced 2d animation software programs.
  • PGBS guarantees security; we use VPN and FTP for file transfers. Employees sign NDA and backups are maintained.
  • We deliver work on time and have numerous delivery centers.

Our 2d animation pricing fluctuates based on time consumed, the complexity involved and stiffness of guidelines, etc. Still, we stay absolutely reasonable with multiple packages to choose from for all categories of businesses.

Client testimonial

” The commitment of PGBS to offer us the 2d explainer video as needed by us was really surprising. We understand why you have so many clients rooting for you. Thank you.”
CEO – Finance Company In Germany

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Need best quality 2d animation services? India based PGBS is among your most reliable outsourcing partner. Associate with us and we will help you reach where you want to with our stellar services.