Whiteboard animation is considered as one of the most effective tools for bringing more customers by communicating complex ideas or messages in an understandable manner. That’s why, it soon became a necessity for numerous businesses or individuals that are in constant need of boosting their brand awareness. In the beginning stages, it is ideal to rely on a reputed service provider like us, offering the best whiteboard animation services. It will assure that your money won’t get wasted and you will receive the desired results as per your expectations.

PGBS is a leading whiteboard animation company that has helped various clients reach maximum sales by creating interesting and entertaining animations for their required products or services. Here, we employ a team of creative professionals who have unmatched expertise to develop highly-quality animated videos that precisely express your concepts to the targeted audience and stand out from the rest. Our artists leverage the best whiteboard animation software, graphics, and industry-specific tools to create effective videos with a higher retention capacity.

Our Whiteboard Animation Production Process

We can help our clients starting from conceptualization to the delivery phase. If not, clients can still provide us the script of their concept by physically drawing and recording the desired whiteboard story. The steps involved in our whiteboard animated video creation process are mentioned below.

  1. Creating the story and script

We clearly understand the target audience, concept, and the goals of the clients. It helps us to frame a topic and design the script accordingly. The script usually contains both audio and video along with the narration.

  1. Developing a rough art

We create storyboard illustration before finalizing the animatic so that we can include the necessary things that can meet the desired purpose of the video. Once approved by the clients, we can start creating individual scenes.

  1. Recording voiceover

We provide clients with a variety of voice samples and select the desired narrator for their animation. They can choose a male or female voice, accent, country of origin, words to emphasize, and even the tone of speaking.

  1. Creating video animations

In this step, we create a finished version of the final whiteboard video animation. We incorporate different techniques like stop motion animation and time-lapse drawing to bring the hand-drawn illustration or art into life.

  1. Including sound effects

Here, we add the appropriate music or sound effects to the recorded video for making it ready to use. We also make sure that the audio and video are in perfect synchronization with each to create the desired effect.

Different Verticals we Assist

There are many companies and organizations related to different industry verticals, who use our whiteboard animation services for improving their business operations. Some of the industries which we serve are

  • Education/ E-Learning: We can create informational or instructional videos through whiteboard animations to train and educate learners regarding a certain topic or concept.
  • Advertising & Marketing: We incorporate captivating whiteboard video animations to advertise and market a new product or service for attracting potential customers and sales.
  • Healthcare: We develop simplified whiteboard animated videos to help medical students or patients for understanding the complex healthcare concepts with ease.
  • Retail: Our video animations help retail marketers to present their products or services in the best way to grabs the attention of potential customers and bring sales.
  • Technology : We provide technical solutions or information to clients, whether it is related to software, hardware, mobile applications, electronic gadgets, and more.

Benefits You are Sure to Get

We guarantee that our whiteboard animation video services will provide clients with numerous advantages that can result in maximum outcomes for their business. Some of the top benefits of associating with our company are as follows:

  • We offer our services at reasonable rates by judging the type of project we are about to handle and the respective industry standards.
  • We hire experienced 2d animators who can craft impressive animation according to the exact needs of the client.
  • We ensure to maintain strict security policies for safeguarding the project-related information of our clients at any cost.
  • Regardless of the project’s length and complexity, our whiteboard animation creators are skilled to generate outstanding outputs.
  • We also ensure to carry out unlimited revisions in the project until our clients are fully satisfied with the desired outcome.
  • We aim to build long-lasting relationships with our clients by delivering uncompromised value and quality for their investment.

It’s been more than a decade since PGBS has been serving global businesses ranging from startups, small or medium-based enterprises to the NGOs or government organizations. We also take pride in successfully covering multiple projects of our clients by living up to our promises and their expectations. We always aim to handle their projects in the most sophisticated manner by showcasing the finest features of their products or services. It not only helps to attract the attention of their potential targets but also persuades them to make a purchase or investment.

We make sure that our interactive whiteboard animation services enhance the overall viewer experience while serving the intended purposes of the organizations. Besides, our animators also ensure that the audience gets connected at a deep emotional level that impacts a long-term memory recall. Thus, let our dedicated team help your company reach its maximum potential with the help of our services.

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