Outsourcing Inbound Call Center Services India

All businesses have core functions which need to be managed by the firm and non-core functions which can be outsourced. Customer services, such as call center tasks can be easily outsourced to firms which methodically address all customer queries accurately and within an expected time.

outsource inbound call center services

India: An Efficient Center for Outsourcing

If you have a service-oriented business, you should ideally look for outsourcing inbound call center services in India. Here are some reasons why delegating such jobs to India are a profitable.

India has long been the popular hub availing exceptional call center solutions. Companies from all around the world rely on the Indian call centres to get a better business infrastructure, primarily due to the relative advantages provided by these firms in comparison to others.

Presently a large number of established companies are outsourcing customer support services to India and have engaged in long-term agreements with these firms.

The Indian contact centers have all the resources to live up to the expectations of the global companies in terms of 24/7 customer service. They provide services at low costs as well. Today, a number of global firms are setting up their call centers in India due to the low-cost outsourcing services here. Moreover, the skilled personnel in India enhance the qualitative aspects of their business.

Outsourcing services and staff

The experienced labor force in India is the key reason why global companies count on the Indian call centers. The Indian contact centers offering technical helpdesk services are equipped with expert, computer competent, qualified and skilled professionals. India is also the country with the largest number of people speaking English outside the US.

The advantage of outsourcing these services to India over other countries lies in the fact that India has a large number of educated employees. The number of university students in India is rising and the training institutes here are providing them with advanced training.

Training for call center service

The initial investment in setting up training centers in India is quite high. This makes a particular section of people think that India is increasingly becoming expensive as a place to set up training centers. However, the wrong concept is confirmed by the fact that a number of international corporations are setting up their contact centers in India

Besides having trained employees, the call centers in India are known for their variety of outsourcing solutions. These include telemarketing solutions, inbound contact centre services, CATI services, email support services, technical helpdesks, disaster recovery and chat support services, among other services.

The Indian call centres are also known for their IT-based solutions, assisting global companies in processing their transactions, managing the helpdesk, end-to-end processing, leadership from a remote area and accounting services.

They are also known for their expert product assistances, like actuarial services, threat modeling, data mining and variation analytics underwriting.

You must note that the Indian call centres are equipped with highly upgraded technical equipment, assets, trained manpower with operational expertise and the ability to cater their clients with customized offshore services.

Advantages of Indian time zone and cost-competitive 

A number of international companies find the Indian time zone beneficial while outsourcing their incoming customer support services. Companies can provide increased services to their clients, due to the time difference of twelve hours in India. Companies in the USA take advantage of this twelve-hour difference to provide their customers with round the clock customer care services.

Cost benefits are one of the key reasons why companies over the world count on the call centres in India. The service providers maintain high quality of services, at cost-effective rates. The companies benefit a lot from this balance between price and quality of services. At times, the operational charges in India are over 50% lesser than those in the UK and the US.

These are the reasons why companies from all over the world outsource their call center services in India, enjoying cost-effective and quality services.

No wonder, about 75 percent of the outsourcing jobs is done from India.

Inbound Call Center Services

Customer satisfaction is a very important issue in all businesses. In many businesses, especially service-oriented ones, customers often knock at the customer help desk to seek help. If your business is facing an overwhelming response of customer queries, it is best to delegate the job by outsourcing inbound call center services in India.

Some top jobs offered by such inbound call center services are:

  • Phone answering service
  • Customer care service
  • Help desk or those offering technical support
  • Customer query service
  • Inbound sales, answering service
  • Order registering service

What to Expect from Inbound Call Center Service providers ?

The call centers in India can handle a huge number of queries. They can offer a suitable reply to the customers at a price that is not expensive. Moreover, the centers offer

  • Sophisticated technology to address queries efficiently – it includes satellite based seamless connectivity, powerful PC Telephony Integrated tool and Interactive Voice Response service systems, etc.
  • Round-the-clock call center service – uninterrupted manpower to attend to the calls and continuous power supply
  • Agents with the proper know-how on the subject – many professionals provide

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