PGBS is a reputed provider of XML conversion services. We handle complex XML conversion projects, allowing companies to boost their capabilities of using and distributing their valuable data in a systematic manner. Being one of the best XML project outsourcing companies, we adopt a scalable model that can be suitable for businesses operating across diverse industries. We have been assisting businesses since the past several years and have ensured 100 percent satisfaction for all our clients. Our specialists can convert documents, articles, PDF, and spreadsheets into the XML format. We can convert your documents into the PDF format at an affordable rate. We would set up the Style sheet and DTD/XSD standard for articles and would convert PDF into the XML format, while guaranteeing high-quality outcomes.

Our PDF to XML Conversion Services Include

We, at PGBS, use cutting-edge data extraction and conversion software in order to efficiently convert PDF into the XML format. Here are the services that we specialize at:

  • PDF to XML Conversion

    We use customized API to process the data that we extract from the PDF documents shared with us by our clients. We encode data and monitor the attributes, syntax, and characters during the conversion process in order to ensure that we maintain the integrity of the actual data.

  • PDF to XML Classification

    We clarify and simplify the organization and structure by classifying specific characteristics in XML-based content. This also contributes to the optimization of content accessibility. We amplify existing content with text, markups, comments, values, and characters and apply the necessary attributes.

  • XML Improvement and Validation

    We adopt a data refinement approach which allows us to ensure that the converted data has high quality. We would eliminate redundant, outdated, and irrelevant data and treat tags and attribute values as per desired specifications. The resultant XML content is then prepared for formatting and processing.

  • Formatting and Configuration of Database

    We would format your XML data in such a way that it would adhere to your organization’s specifications. We can professionally format multiple as well as single files, personalized databases, and graphs. We can prepare databases for distribution across online and offline channels. The converted data that we deliver can be presented well, structured in different ways, identified, and accessed smoothly.

Why should you do business with PGBS?

PGBS has been benefitting businesses of varied sizes with highly-professional XML conversion support. We, at PGBS, provide exceptional support to all our clients, allowing them to leverage our services in the best possible way. Our clients trust us and this is reflected in terms of an ever-growing list of clients. Here’s why you should choose us as your ePublishing outsourcing service partner:

  • We pay attention to data security; your data is always secure in our hands.
  • We deploy strong infrastructure that allows us to scale up our operations as per requirement.
  • We have the most experienced professionals working in our team. They deliver high-quality outcomes.
  • We have never compromised on quality. We believe that quality is the best policy and we implement this policy at all costs for all projects.
  • We offer individualized packages to our clients, thereby allowing our clients to capitalize on our services and gain from their investments.
  • We have experienced project supervisors who monitor quality on a regular basis for all projects.
  • We can deliver projects within very short turnarounds depending on project requirements.
  • We offer the best rates in the industry; we aim to extend our support to clients with different budgets.
  • We have a proactive customer service team that operates throughout the day. They will get your issues resolved at a very fast pace.
  • We provide free trial if our clients want to test our support standard.


We hired PGBS’s XML conversion team to get our PDF records converted into the XML format. The team did an excellent job as we found the quality of the converted outcomes to be exceptional. Thanks PGBS.

Hospital Administrator, US

We appointed the XML conversion specialists at PGBS to convert all our records into the XML format. We found the results to be satisfactory and what we admired the most was the package and the rates. We would love to do business with you again.

CEO, Finance Company, , US
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