If you are looking for a reliable animation services company, India is the right place and we are among the best people. India is highly cost-efficient and services offered are of international standards. The workforce is exceptionally skilled, knowledgeable and highly fluent in the English language. Moreover, there are high-tech well-equipped animation studios. All these together justify the increased favoritism of India among prospects. Many big brands prefer outsourcing animation projects to India.

Best animation services India

Outsource Animation Services

PGBS has grown as one of the leading studios in India offering supreme quality animation services. Logo, portraits, banners, caricatures, videos, product demos, 2D and 3D animation, medical animation and story boards are some of the main provisions.  Let it be an animation for a website, movie, demo, presentation or application, we can meet your expectations impeccably by precisely catering to your exact requirements.

Animation services from PGBS

We have worked for a wide array of industries and different categories of customers. Our experts understand your requirements completely and communicate the message intended with absolute elegance. When optimally mix art, animation design and sound to captivate readers and grab their attention immediately.

  1. 2D animation services

    2d animation servicesWe create images or 2D characters by making use of the computer enabled procedures that are mere adaption of traditional techniques. Firstly 2D vector or bitmap graphics are created post which they are animated.  To ensure best outputs, we use proven techniques like onion skinning, interpolated rotoscoping, morphing and tweening etc. Our services in 2D computer graphics are benefited by movies, simulations and animated logos, games, e-learning, product demos and website banners etc.

  2. 3D animation services

    3d character animationFirst of figures are created using polygons which are then brought to life using digital armatures. Our experts can add life into images and 3D characters for presentations, demos, websites, programs and movies etc. Our 3D design company excels in motion capture, morph targeted, cel-shaped as well as skeletal animation. Some of the other offerings include mechanical animation, medical animation and more.

  3. Flash animation services

    flash animationBesides 2D and 3D animations, we also create appealing and creative flash animations. In contrast to videos, these type of computer graphics work well on low bandwidth. They are therefore ideal for interactive animations for the website and also for other comparable multimedia. Flash animation services provision is one of the core areas in which we specialize. Animations crafted by us reflect great production value as be strategically integrate drawing based on vector and art based on raster to come up with a polished and clean graphic appearance.

  4. Animated videos

    animated video creation serviceThese are used mainly for product demos and business presentations. Animated videos can work wonders when it comes to capturing the attention of an audience and explaining subject to them in an enthralling manner. PGBS offers innovative video animation services for enterprises, start-ups, educators and also for advertising and marketing professionals for helping them in perfectly boosting their product, services, and brand. Animated videos are more powerful these days owing to the popularity of social media.

  5. Scribe Animations

    Scribe animation servicesScribe animations are also popularly known as whiteboard animations, these are particularly ideal for training courses, online marketing videos, and explainer videos. These animations are versatile and effective as they are captured by illustrator during creating his/her artwork. Our artists have worked with global clients in developing high-quality whiteboard animations at cost-effective pricing with short turn around time.

  6. Animated storyboards

    Animated storyboard servicesWith our storyboards, you can save hundreds of dollars that would have been wasted otherwise in production processes. Now you can forecast the sequence of films that actually have to be shot. Cinematographers can immensely benefit as they can comprehend the way in which you want the shooting of concerned project to be done. Let it be loose-lined or photorealistic, we make available varying color styles as well as B/W for illustrating. Our experts can help you in pre-visualizing an interactive video, motion graphics, motion picture or electronic game.

  7. Animated illustrations

    animated illustration servicesAlso called animated GIFs, they are lightweight and are highly useful to communicate your business advertisements or any creative ideas on a wide variety of platforms including social media. We here at PGBS use Adobe Illustrator to create frame by frame illustrations post which they are exported to the file format you prefer. Being backed by our high-end animated illustration, communicating with your prospects is now a breeze.

Specialized animation service provision at PGBS

We offer interactive animations for different specialized purposes among which the most important ones are

  • E-learning: Learning videos, CD/DVD-ROMs, CBT/WBT processes, games, and charts.
  • Websites: Animated Logos, images, animated banners, graphics, and homepage etc.
  • Companies: Prototype of machinery & medical equipment, flyover, walkthrough, presentation
  • Entertainment/ media: 2D and 3D computer graphics for movies, advertisements, television programs.

In addition to those mentioned above, our animation company is also adept in creating animated wallpapers and screensavers as well as shockwave games.

Our 2D Computer Graphics Process 

  1. We receive concept with scripts
  2. We create storyboard and layout
  3. We develop animatics
  4. We do keyframes, coloring, and cleanup
  5. Then flash rigging and animation is done
  6. Final compositing and voice over is done
  7. Final render output is provided 

Our 3D Computer Graphics Process

  • Pre-production – We create the storyboard, concept art and background layouts and designs
  • Production – We create assets with modeling, texturing, rigging and animation
  • Post-production – We do VFX or special effects, voice over, compositing or video editing and provide rendered final output.

Check detailed information about our 3D animation production process.

Animation software we use

We are well aware of the fact that regardless of the skills and efforts, without best infrastructure and latest technology, perfection can’t be attained in 2D and 3d animation. We keep on upgrading by equipping ourselves continually with latest software programs. Few among the prominent software we use are: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Anim8or, Anime Studio, Autodesk Maya etc.

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PGBS focuses on assuring high-quality and affordable animation services. We know how crucial the animation process is and hence we have different pricing packages in place. Our experts are well trained; they stay adhered to your guidelines and proceed swiftly but shrewdly to accomplish the task on time.

We are one of the best animation outsourcing companies in India houses a lot of professionals who excel in offering remarkable class of various type of animations. Want to get assistance from experts in the industry? Let’s associate.

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