Typesetting services

Typesetting is a state of the art process, which brings refinement to the printed manuscript. This along with other pre-press services is also the next step to designing. The designed manuscript will be provided to the typesetter, who’d look into the text and illustrations and get the manuscript ready for final printing.

Prepress services

Professional Prepress services

All our solutions are customized around the requirements of clients from different industries who outsource to us. At Pro Global Business Solutions, we are dedicated to offer time bound solutions in most cost-effective manner to our customers. Our pre-press and typesetting solutions are automated which provides for perfection.

We provide very high scalability and can handle the immense volume work. As the provider of premier quality support, we have a team of adept compositors in our outsourcing office who have the knowledge of InDesign, Quark, Advent 3B2, Frame maker, Latex and MS Word.

Our provisions in regard of typesetting for print layout design encompass

  • Design of chapter heading
  • Selection of font
  • Text flow having right indents
  • Running footers and headers
  • Layout of copyright page
  • Drop caps
  • Tables and indexes
  • Bullets and lists
  • Images layouts
  • Content on the front page and back along with dedication and CTA pages.

What Do We Provide

Pro Global Business Solutions with its experienced professionals offers superior range of typesetting and prepress services for a variety of formats like the STM books and journals, magazines, law books, school books (K1-K12), catalogues, recipe books, proceedings,encyclopedias, directories and dictionaries and also the comic books.

Solutions offered by us will make the book easily sellable in the market. Font, text size and print style offered by our professionals are unmatched due to years of rich experience.

At PGBS, we have taken the quantum leap to engage in XML-driven solutions and high end DTP as well. We hold immense experience in converting the manuscript documents into completely finished source files and output of your choice be it with PDF or other postscripts like PS,CRC and more.

We take the pride to boast about multilingual typesetting services in various languages including English, French, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese and other European languages.

PGBS with its skilled staff provides various prepress activities apart from typesetting 

Book and document scanning

Our quality book and documents solutions help customers with huge volume of data that needs to be digitized with high accuracy.

OCR conversion

Our OCR conversions helps to transform images into editable text while making sure overall layout is retained.

Copyediting and proofreading services

Our copy editing and proof reading processes help eliminate language related errors as well as check to ensure positioning of data accurately.

Our proof reading team checks the document completely  including table of content, index headers and footers for spelling, grammar and language related mistakes.

Our copy editing process involves detailed review of the document and if needed rewriting to ensure clarity and proficiency.

Graphic Design Services

Any print or wed medium graphics acts a bridge to connect directly with customers interest. Our skilled designers create innovative graphics for diverse print and web media.

What you need to provide us?

We will firstly send you a manuscript file creation checklist. Make sure that the file you are sending is in line with what we need. Just spare few minutes to ensure adherence with the checklist so that we can keep the cost minimum and finish the work within shortest turnaround time. Also, the project runs smoother. We will need graphic elements and illustrations of your book as separate individual files. Based on the type of project, more details may be needed which will be requested in advance or on real-time basis.

Digital prepress services – What you will get from us?

You will get

A PDF file that is print-ready

There will not be any problems or formatting errors; you get a complete and proof-read print-ready documents. Just upload the file to a printer; the whole thing becomes quite easy.

Apex quality typesetting

You can impress your readers as well as industry agents as the book provided would look perfectly like the one that you see from the big fishes in publishing domain.

Customized to suit the specifications of your printer

The whole creation process is taken care of which includes typesetting for meeting the specifications of printers. You can work on other things that matters more without any tension.

Multiple revisions

There will be provisions to review your file and recommends alterations in case if needed.

Post-service support

The relationship never gets over; even after project completion, if you need any assistance from us, we would be happy to help.

FAQ related to typesetting

No. The process of typesetting is what succeeds editing. It is in fact the layout or interior design work after the manuscript is finally edited.
To receive typeset sample for a book with an average word count of 50-60 k, it takes less than 5 days in most of the cases. After that nearly one week is needed for work completion; based on the complexities involved, days may be fluctuated mildly.
You can send us MS Word files in .docx, .rtf or .doc formats.
Simply drop us an email. You may also call us or else fill in the form given and we will get back to you soon.
We offer 2 rounds or free revisions in case of minor editing and fixes. For additional content addition and significant changes, additional fees will be incurred.

For reliable prepress and book typesetting services in India, Contact us, a premium outsourcing Indian company providing various prepress solutions at reasonable costs!

With immense ability to use various elements and technical advances in providing the best Digital Prepress and Typesetting Services to all our clients through technology-driven methods and systems, we are equipped with a really professional and trained talent pool.