Market research is any organized effort to gather information about markets or customers. Now day’s companies are following right strategy of finally listening to their consumers rather than being presumptive.

CATI Services

CATI Market Research

PGBS’s, market research services are dedicated to deliver quality performance by matching the right need with the correct solution. We, your perfect outsourcing partner relate with your clients in all sectors and regions to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges and transform their businesses.

Our CATI outsourcing services in India are provided in more than 30 plus languages to help cover global customer base.

Computer-assisted telephone interviewing is telephone surveying technique in which our interviewer follows a script provided by a software application. Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing  or CATI Services from PRO GLOBAL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS assures speed, accuracy, reliable data collection and an efficient telephonic interview through automated software.

CATI research functions in the following manner at PGBS

  • A computerized questionnaire is administered by our Indian professionals to respondents over the telephone.
  • When contact is made, our  interviewer reads the questions posed on the computer screen and records the respondent’s answers directly into the computer.
  • Interim and update reports can be compiled instantaneously, as the data are being collected.CATI software has a built-in logic, which also enhances data accuracy.

We provide phone survey services which helps in increased productivity and reduced expenses. Our services are of highest quality and availed at faster turnaround time. Our solutions include excellent call management and quota, rapid electronic data transfer and digital recordings, designing questionnaire and provision of statistical analysis including reports, presentation charts and tabulations.

Our research spectrum of studies include

  • Customer-satisfaction and employee-satisfaction surveys
  • Product use and development based studies
  • Market segmentation and buyer behavior
  • Event and conference feedback surveys
  • Social, cultural and indigenous studies

Our market research supports industries such as Telecom, Finance, Retail, Health care, Software and more.

Outsource and avail our cost effective CATI services in India to get accurate study of your customer base.

CATI is not a mere tele-conversation. We have proper plans in place and are well prepared to conduct productive CATI researches.