As Indian animation companies have begun to conceive excellent value chain creating intellectual properties, the animation sector is on a rapid pace to grow. This is palpable through the confidence exhibited by such global entertainment giants as Disney, Warner Bros and Sony in giving their 3D animation projects outsourcing requirements to Indian animation companies. Against the popular belief that technology commands the largest part of the business, entrepreneurs acknowledge that art accounts for about 70% of the same. This is the reason smaller firms driven by the love for pure art can bag excellent deals from international clients. With several companies spawning across the country in such cities as Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Trivandrum, and Hyderabad, they have started to become the hub of animation in India.

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Why outsource animation projects to India?

Fortified with exceptional talent, infrastructure, experience and state-of-the-art equipment, most companies offer best animation services in India such as 3D and 2D animation, animatics, storyboards, portraits, logos, viral videos, product demos, illustrations, banners, and caricatures.

The following are the reasons most global entertainment companies flock to India;

  • The animation services prices offered by Indian companies are extremely affordable when compared to other countries across the world. By hiring the services offered by Indian animation companies, most clients can save up to 35% of their overall budget if they choose to hire support from other countries such as the Philippines and Korea.
  • As India is the second largest entertainment industry of the world, it is fortified well with impeccably talented, affordable and trained professionals in the field of animation. Most of the Indian companies also have cutting-edge studios capable of executing extensive projects for companies’from across the world.
  • Indian professionals are capable of handling English pretty well when compared to the technical workforce in other countries. This helps clients effectively convey their requirements and aesthetical preference quite exceptionally for better results.
  • India also has numerous training and development business in the industry capable of delivering training programs and digital production.

Business can outsource animation services such as

1) Traditional Animation

Characterized by the long process involved, traditional animation takes more time, efforts and resources to complete each frame required for the project. If the frames involve movement and expressions of any kind, each of it will also require a set of carefully drawn frames. You can get the glimpse of the same if you watch some Disney classics.

2) Vector-Based 2D Animation

Despite being strikingly similar to traditional animation, vector-based 2D animation is made by animation companies leveraging programs like Flash. The animators do not have to draw each of the frames individually and can move an object or a body part in any chosen frame to illustrate movement making 2D animation easier than traditional animation.

3) 3D Animation

It is extensively used in live-action movies made such as Marvel’s The Avengers, Justice League and Spiderman. In order to pull off exceptional 3D animation, the professionals in an animation company must have excellent skills to illustrate movements of the objects and characters in a movie.

4) Motion Graphics Animation

As this type of computer graphics is largely centered on various graphical elements, this is different from the rest of the lot. Using animation for marketing, animated logos, educational videos and film titles has improved the scope of motion graphics animation as well. It also involves the process of utilizing textual elements to generate computer graphics.

5) Stop Motion Animation

Stop-motion animation is largely used inClaymation, lego figure animation, cut-outs, and pixelation. TheStop motion utilizes photographing objects in a given a sequence of images. Even if the movement is the slightest, it is given its own shot. In order to ensure an impeccable flow of the sequence, each movement is created in great depth.

Why Should You Outsource Animation?

If you are thinking to outsource animation services you require but are still doubtful, the following reasons will surely convince you.

  • Lower Training and Hiring Cost: One of the most important aspects why companies seeking assistance from overseas animation services providers is that it can effectively reduce the cost of animation services, employee training, and hiring. When you seek the help of an offshore animation company they will already have the trained and talented human resource ready to help you in reducing the animation cost per second and per minute.
  • Quality Work: As quality has an important role to play in animation, it is always imperative that you get the work done by the most talented, experienced and trained professional in the industry. While it is not impossible to have someone in-house of that caliber, when you outsource your services, you will certainly get the best in the business with expert domain knowledge.
  • Better Use of Resources: Upon outsourcing, you will always stand to get the best works done in lesser time without having to worry about the quality and the deliverance time. As such, when hiring the support of an outsourcing company, the client will always get maximum value for their time, money and efforts they spend for the same.
  • Cutting Edge Technology: Technology is evolving and in order to get the work done effectively and with top-notch quality, advanced equipment is a necessity. However, infrastructural investment costs dearly for many organizations. But when you hire the support of an outsourcing company chances are you get the best and latest technology assistance all the time as their core business in animation.
  • Competitive Advantage: Whether your competition is getting the support of an outsourcing company or not, if you do not do it, the chances are, you will surely fall behind them. As the case is, you can always hire the support of an outsourcing services provider to take advantage of the same to take on the competition or speed past them effectively.

The growth in this sector in the last decade has been bolstered by the evolution of technology and the subsequent rise in outsourcing contract based animation projects such as 2D/3D projects, CGI heavy live-action and animated movies and serials and the merchandising of famous movie and cartoon characters. Their elements will further drive the growth of the industry forth.

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