Different Types of Best eReaders That You Can Try in 2021

When digital books were introduced, eBook readers also came into the market after a short time. But in the earlier times, the idea was not well appreciated until now. Today, we can see many e-readers with improved capabilities and features providing optimum readability to users. If you love reading, then having an eReader is [...]

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How to Write a Children’s Book and Publish Them Successfully

Are you wondering how to write a children’s book and publish it successfully? For many authors, aspiring as well as accomplished, writing a children’s book is all about exploring their childhood days or putting their children’s bedtime stories into pen and paper. If you already have a passion for writing, this would be an [...]

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Converting Your Flash Website into HTML5

Flash has now become obsolete with plenty of mobile browsers unable to support Flash. It is no more a dependable option, mainly owing to its security flaws and incompatibility. iPhone Operating System became incompatible with Flash and YouTube switched over from Flash to HTML5 for supporting its videos recently. So, after all these developments [...]

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6 Advantages of using HTML5 in eLearning courses

Adobe Flash had been one of the foremost tools for authenticating eLearning courses until HTML5 came into the forefront. It was known for the high interactivity level, engaging animation and immersive graphics. However, HTML5 is a better alternative as an eLearning authoring tool, given that it is more compatible with mobile devices than Flash. This [...]

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