PGBS offers an unrivaled class of bilingual call center services for hundreds of customers worldwide not just for bilingual but also for multilingual customer support.

The efficiency of communication is mandatory for any business to success. The way you interact with your customers can be a decisive factor in their decision-making process. Most of the businesses nowadays understand this fact and owing to the same, the demand for call center services has increased significantly.

bilingual call center

Bilingual answering services

You don’t want to lose potential customers just because your staff is unable to speak in their language. Do you? It is very important to speak in the prospect’s language to grow the dimension of your customer base and assure maximum satisfaction to the existing ones. Ability to communicative in native language of customers should be a core competence.

Bilingual call center services- the inevitability

English is obviously the most common language in which a typical call center operates. However, in many countries, it is not a primary or dominant language. A king part of people in China, Japan, France and Spain etc. are not comfortable in English. In such a scenario, the rational step to take is to seek the assistance of a professional call center company offering bilingual support.

By speaking in customer’s native language, you gain their trust and develop an emotional bonding that can be helpful. None of the calls go futile because of language restrictions.  In short, the efficiency in interactions and customer relationship management is significantly increased.

Don’t delay further as you may be losing many potential customers unknowingly. Most of the smart and successful companies rely on multilingual or at least bilingual service providers to conquer unmapped markets and increase their reach to wider audience. By deploying telemarketing centers and multiple languages support, your business will skyrocket.

Incomparable pluses of outsourcing to PGBS- one of the superlative multilingual call centers

  • Our experience and expertise are unmatched; we have been in the industry for years now.
  • We have resources speaking in a surfeit of languages and hence we can switch between multiple languages without delay including English, Spanish, French, German and more.
  • Having us by your side, chances of reaching and convincing your potential customers are higher.
  • People with us are native language speakers having adequate knowledge of cultural uniqueness and nuances.
  • Our company regularly trains customer support executives and keep them acquainted with latest trends and technologies in the domain.
  • We do ethical business and hence you don’t need to have any privacy or security concerns.

We guarantee outcomes beyond your expectations if you shake hands with us. Our team will work towards assisting you in achieving your business objectives through irreproachable and excellent multilingual and bilingual customer support as per your preference.

At PGBS, we are well aware of the fact that businesses fall in different categories on the basis of their fiscal capabilities. Understanding the same, strategists here have sorted our services in different packages. So, you can easily find the ideal one for you. Also, if your requirements are highly specific, we will make sure that you are furnished with explicitly customized solutions.

Client testimonials

“We were expanding in Korean territory and wanted the support of proficient and native reps who can speak in the Korean language fluently and convince our prospects. PGBS perfectly complemented my company’s needs and offered exceptional Korean customer support which allowed us to experience profit quickly. ”
Manager, Cosmetic Product Seller in Thailand
“Initially, I was little doubter about PGBS’s German language call center but once I had availed of their support tentatively, I was assured of the cutting-edge PGBS technologies that can help to turbocharge a business. The German language representatives speak impeccably. ”
Sales Head, Food Product Dealer in the USA

Outsource your bilingual call center requirements to us and avail high quality customer support at affordable cost.