Are you ready to lose a potential customer just because your employees can not speak your customer’s language? PGBS helps you to increase your customer base and provide maximum customer satisfaction by providing native language support through our experienced team who are able to speak your customer’s language.

Multilingual Call Center in India

Multilingual Call Center Outsourcing

Outsource Multilingual Call Center Services

With expansion of European Union and lot of east European countries proving to be effective off shoring destinations, outsourcing to a country like India is the need of the hour as it is cost effective as well as timezone wise well suited.

We among the professional multilingual call centers in India provides support in various languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch and other difficult European languages like Norwegian, Swedish, Swiss, Finnish, Danish, Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian, Turkish, Hungarian, Czech, Bulgarian and Polish. We, professional Indian company also provide multilingual service and support in Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Korean and Japanese as well.

Specific country languages we support

Multilingual support

Are you looking for any other specific language which we did not list above ? Ask Us 

Our outsourcing service delivery partner centers also help us in providing your customers with their desired language support at cost-effective pricing.

At PGBS, we understand the complexity and diverse needs your business requires in serving a global customer be it in Spanish, French or German. Our expert’s diverse experience in multilingual niche and educational background creates a collective pool of knowledge and talent and they are always ready to answer all your multilingual calls 24/7 on your behalf, maintaining any protocol as per your organization’s policy.

Also, deploying bilingual call center services is logical because though English is a dominant language in which most organizations work but it is not the predominant language. For example, many U.S. organizations require bilingual staff for speaking both Spanish and English. This is because 13% of the U.S. population is Hispanic, of which 90% claim Spanish as their first language, with majority preferring to speak Spanish instead of English. Hence we are focused to give you quality wise the best tailor-made Spanish speaking call center solutions to meet your specific business needs with the most competitive prices ever.

Our multilingual support solutions include

  • Live Chat support inclusive of order management, retention, tech support etc…
  • E-mail Support inclusive of tech support, subscription, order taking, etc…
  • Phone Support inclusive of inbound customer care and upselling, tech support, outbound sales and telemarketing

Benefits of our multilingual call center company

We have a considerable number of multilingual expert agents who are proficient in foreign languages other than English. When you outsource to multilingual call center companies in India, it provides for a favorable geographical location which is advantageous, making use of the difference in time zones to provide uninterrupted customer service around the clock.

From Inbound call center services to outbound call center services, from customer support to telemarketing we provide multi-channel solutions and make sure you are heard across the globe and your customers from across the globe are heard and supported on time.

The challenge for all companies is to find new customer centric native language solutions in India to stay ahead of the competition by offering an extended range of languages and at the same time while keeping cost reasonable.

Industries we support

Outsource multilingual call center services to India and enjoy quality service with maximum return on your investment for outsourcing services and also greatly reduce your expenditure.


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